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Birthdate:Jan 19
Location:(states/regions/territories), Singapore
I'm a student; not entirely proud of her country, yet not entirely critical of it.

Like many, I have my own contradictions and problems. I rant about the lows of my life, but I don't really do so with the idea that I'm the most pitiful person in the world. Being the most pitiful person in the world is not a requirement for a licence to complain about things, after all, is it? With the bad things come the good: I also celebrate the highlights of my young life, and take things as they come. Ok, maybe I plan quite a bit, but I'm always aware of the possibility of something coming my way to ruin my predictions. I make preparations for disappointments. :P

However, I warn that I am not as conservative as most of my countrymen. I belong on the wild and whimsical side, with little pragmatism where my dreams and beliefs are concerned.

Though a self-proclaimed liberal, I am aware of the many paradoxes that exist with the liberal thought (that's where the contradiction I'd talked about comes in), but I accept that as a fact and go about my business. I don't like to live by the rules--or any rules, for that matter, not even my own--I live my life as I see fit, subject to my changing preferences and line of thought.

Lastly, as long as you don't go around screaming at and/or damning me without reason or because of my "wild ways" (I'm not THAT wild, really. I'm a student. Just how wild can I get?), I'm happy to be friends. Doesn't matter if we don't seem to have any interests in common--as long as you're willing to start a friendship, I am too. ^_^

p.s. If you're wondering why I'm flaunting my nationality although I'm not too proud of the country: I don't see anything wrong with being a Singaporean. I don't happen to share the more widespread sentiments, but I do feel good about being Singaporean. Unfortunately, I'm not really the typical Singaporean--at least, not of the current stereotype; things could change, who knows?--that is why I am a "strange" Singaporean.


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